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Welcome to the Hands off Venezuela constitutional reform referendum blog. We will be bringing live news from Venezuela over the next few days about the referendum taking place on Sunday 2nd.


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  1. I am the director of Oil2Windpower; the Video Challenge and REPower Education, the Energy Project for students and energy contractors/coaches.

    I have a long-term interest in the welfare of Venezuela, as the nation that adopted a young missionary in 1982, as a translator of sacred songs into the Guajiro dialect for and by local church members who were being sidelined by their Latino elders. By translating the songs into the native language, they were able to tell their own message in their own tongue. That experienced helped to connect with the native people in solidarity…not as a North American, trying to impose a capitalist solution on a proud and humble people, who were willing to learn and teach, but not be colonized by white church leaders. They were not anti anything; they were happy with what they could do for their families and their people, who were being forced from their own lands, and seeking to rebuild on government lands in Maracaibo, with or without help from the government. A true example of the Bolivarian leadership, which seeks to tear down the walls between nations, to build new bridges and reservoirs of mutual understanding.

  2. You are fools- your leader will over-reach and bring war down on you. Chavez will buy weapons and seek expansion and you will suffer and see no good change except isolation and 50 or more years of Cuban-style poverty. You have no concept of democracy and self-rule and so you are doomed to seeking that strong man on a white horse to come and save you. You will see no oil wealth; instead your sons will fight in his growing army and die for nothing. Your economy can be shut down with a few cruise missiles, and Russia will not risk nuclear war over you. You are run by a military dictatorship and only bad will come of this.

    Viva La Revolución (and good luck)

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