CNE announces NO win (updated entry)

At 1.07 am, after a long wait, the National Electoral Council has announced the victory of the NO with 4, 504, 354 votes, 50,70% and 4,379,392, 49.29% for the YES. Chávez has recognised the result and is addressing the people on TV.

2.03 am, the detail of the results announced by CNE is:

A Block, first part of the reform

No: 4.504.354, 50,70 %
Yes: 4.379.392, 49.29 %
Votes counted: 8.883.746
Nullified: 118.693
Total votes: 9.002.439
Abstention 44,39 %

B Block, second part of reform

No: 4.522.332, 51,05 %
Yes: 4.335.136, 48.94 %

These are not yet 100% results but the “tendency will not be reversed” says CNE president Tibisay Lucena.

2.41 am looking at the figures, in relation to the 2006 presidential elections, the opposition has only increased less than 100,000 votes (thought this is not yet 100% count), while Chávez loses 2,8 million which go to abstention.

Chávez has said that “for now” it could not be done (paraphrasing his 1992 speech), but that he will continue fighting for the proposal of social change contained in the reform, that the struggle will be a long and protracted one. He also said that this is an indication of the strength of the democratic institutions and proof that in Venezuela there is no dictatorship. He asked the opposition to administer their victory with caution.

On opposition Globosivión, a leader of the reactionary students, Baduel and Manuel Rosales appeared. They all appealed for national reconciliation. Baduel talked of the need for a new National Constituent Assembly.


16 Responses

  1. Lenin, Allende, Chavez…, but the World is not ready for socialism yet.

  2. Interesting how Chavez chose the low numbers huh? He neglected to mention that the count on the second set was 51.05% against, 48.94% for.

    Good thing Venezuela seems to be coming to its senses about this lunatic.

  3. This is a dark day for the Venezuelan revolution; but comrades, persevere!

    “For this time lost, but not forever. We have learned. To-morrow the Cause will rise again, strong with wisdom and discipline.” Ernest Everhard, Iron Heel

  4. Wow. I’m in total shock right now, been following the coverage all night and never expected this. I mean, even the exit polls conducted by anti-Chavez polling agencies had the YES up by 6-12 points, very strange how this could be overturned.

    Nevertheless, 44% abstention is way too much over something of this magnitude. Perhaps re-doubling efforts on educating the workers on the importance of the proposals may be in order for a future plan of action?

  5. Is there video or transcript of Chavez’s reaction online anywhere?

  6. I agree, Ted–it’s such a shame that now there won’t be any secret police and gulags to keep the miserable CIA-loving peasants persevering for the Cause.

  7. This is really confusing, with Reuters (!) announcing that the Yes votes were in the lead, then the CNE announces that the NOs win… Could there have been sabotage in the CNE?

  8. This goes to show everyone that Marx, Lenin were right… can’t overthrow capitalism using the liberal democracy and the state.

    There must be REVOLUTION. Chavez is a great man and he is a hero but now it’s time for the workers to take the government by force because the bureaucrats of the government and of the PSUV did what they had to do…..and that was perserve capitalism.

    The bureaucrats and the reformists, the fifth column, of the PSUV are the ones who made this happen. The workers must now become more radical themselves.

  9. Now that the system worked for the opposition, what can they say?

    Expect the extreme right to overplay its hand.

  10. A new day for Venezuela and venezuelan people!!!
    We don’t want another Castro in the world!
    I pray Europe, USA and Latin America States not to permit to Chavez to do what Lenin, Castro and others has done in the past.
    Happy new year, Venezuela!!!

  11. Ha ha ha marxist troll counted his chickens at Gateway Pundit too early, and got totally PWNED by the result.

    Isn’t it great when democracy works?


  12. A sad day indeed… However, instead of blaming the other side lets try and see what went wrong on our side, lets see why workers weren’t educated well enough to recognize the importance of the new constitution. Reforms can only take one so far, now it’s time for the workers to organize and continue the social change from below.
    Although I am also terribly shocked, I urge all the comrades not to despair, it’s not the end of everything, Chavez is still in office, PSUV still rules and the workers and peasants of Venezuela are still mobilizing! Victory will be ours!

  13. Happy new Year Venezuela!

    Gracias por callar al mini-castro!

  14. >This goes to show everyone that Marx, Lenin were right… can’t >overthrow capitalism using the liberal democracy and the state.

    Indeed, people will not vote for a dictator when they can look and see what deprivation and injustice will follow. Comrades, the Marxist experiment is over. It doesn’t work. It claimed to be a scientific theory, and was falsified, because it inevitably leads to autocracy, with injustice and squalor for everyone else. By its own theoretical predictions it fails. So let go.

  15. I am extremely surprised by this turn out, I was expecting a pretty substantial yes vote. The opposition have not really won in this, only 100,000 more votes for them, I think its fair to say that the massive decline in votes for Chavez was proberly due to some of the more draconian sounding changes, and thus shows the masses are breaking with Chavez, not to join the opposition but to actually demand Socialism rather than this oxymoron that Chavez calls for (socialism, for the protection of private property, what the hell?)

    There is a very large contradiction in all of this, Chavez calling for a socialist state, saying that the bourgeois state must be destroyed and in its place a proletarian state must be created, but at the same time asking for longer electoral terms and unlimited reelections. This contradiction may have been enough to show the 45% of abstention, that Chavez was not in reality prepared to create a socialist state.

    Though the confusion over the matter also lays in the fact that (ignoring the allowing of Chavez to do what he wants in a state of emergency thing) the reform was generally very progressive, a 36 hour working week, recognition of collective property, recognition of communal councils, voting age lowered to 16, the autonomy of the banks thing etc. So this shows that the masses were willing to not gain these in order to prevent Chavez’s more authoritarian reforms going through.

    I am a Socialist, I believe in the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky but I would like you to know as a Trotskyist I do not support the Castro regime, I do recognise its progressive structures brought about by a nationalised planned economy, but as a Trotskyist I demand that the masses themselves control society that they control where their profits go and not a bureaucratic layer as in the USSR (post Lenin), China, Vietnam, Laos, Eastern Europe, N Korea etc. These states are caricatures of socialism. We also do not want Chavez to become another Castro, we want him to dismantle the bourgeois state, hand over all power the the workers themselves, nationalise the economy and let the workers plan it, there is no room for Chavez in the final analysis of our demands for the creating of a socialist state, he can merely play as the spark that ignites it.

  16. Alot of you people didn’t bother to read the numbers did you? The point is that this isn’t a victory for the opposition but a defeat for the chavistas. The people differentiating between socialism and Chavismo is healthy even if we don’t necessarily agree with it (had I been born Venezuelan I would’ve voted ‘SI’). However as someone pointed out, this result is likely to lead to the right-wing overplaying its hand (seeing as their strategy seemed to be counting on a victory for the ‘SI’ vote which they could then accuse of fraud). The fact that Chavez’s pet reforms were defeated in a clean referendum also should make the accusations of tyranny ring a bit more hollow in the ears of any sane person. I’m not saying this is a victory for the bolivarian project, but I wouldn’t say the sky is falling.

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