Pictures and videos of the massive YES YES march

Current estimates put the figure of people who attended the “red tide” march for a YES vote in the referendum at 1 million. The BBC, as was to be expected, is talking of “tens of thousands”, as opposed to “hundreds of thousands” they talked about the opposition demo.

Here we provide some pictures and videos so that people can make their own mind about the size of the demonstration which for hours collapsed the main avenues in central Caracas:

picture from ABN covering Av Bolivar, one of the three avenues flooded by the red tide

picture Marcelo Garcia, aporrea, showing Av Bolivar and to the left Av Mexico

Av Bolivar and Lecuna (to the right)

another view.

And here are a couple of videos:
the report from CatiaTV

and a picture gallery video from aporrea:


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