Oil transport workers will oppose sabotage

In a press release issued today, the drivers of oil tankers which transport fuel from the filling stations to the petrol stations have warned against any attempt to sabotage fuel supply.

The president of the National Unified Union of Workers in the Transport of Hydrocarbons and Associated products (SUNT-TRAHDVEN), Víctor Ovalle declared that “the country should know that the oil truck drivers will remain in their jobs, driving the oil trucks and will guarantee the normal supply in this strategic sector”.

Speaking from the El Vigia filling station Victor Ovalle said that they are aware of plans for a “guarimba” (sabotage), but warned that not a single one of the 1800 oil trucks in the country will be stopped. He added that the 37,000 litre trucks are the lifeline of the country, connecting the filling stations of Yagua, El Vigía, Maporal, Guaraguao, Bajo Grande, Guatire, El Palito, Catia La Mar, Guaraguao, Guamache, Maturín, Jose and Puerto Ordaz with the petrol stations, and made an appeal to the population to remain vigilant and warn the authorities if they see “anything out of the ordinary” in the roads these trucks use.


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