The red tide floods Caracas, once again

First reports of the Yes-Yes campaign march in Caracas today indicate that the whole of Mexico, Lecuna and Bolivar avenues are full and overflowing of people supporting the Bolivarian revolution in what has already become known as the red tide.

Chávez made an appeal to revolution supporters to vote massively on Sunday and to stay in the streets to defend the results against any counter-revolutionary provocations. He said that the oil to the USA will be cut off on Monday if they try to implement their plan Operation “Pliers”. He swore a 100 year war will follow any attempts at imperialist intervention. Special plans to defend the Oil industry are being implemented tonight.

Audio of Chávez’s speech can be found on the RNV website , and first pics of the massive march can be seen in this news item from Aporrea.


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